We provide insights that will inform the realisation of larger, more sophisticated quantum computers

The rapid increase in the power of today’s quantum computers has highlighted an issue critical to their use. Conventional approaches for detecting faults in a quantum computer are not keeping up with the demands of hardware.

Opacity brings a fresh approach to take quantum computing beyond benchmarking. Our software, Quiver, maps out a detailed error landscape across a device, to pinpoint and suppress errors and verify operation across the full quantum stack.

Our tech

Our software is Quiver

Quantum engineers need more sophisticated tools to pinpoint errors and boost the performance of quantum devices. Industry standard approaches do not scale to large devices or provide diagnostics.

Quiver maps errors across a quantum computer as a whole, not just individual components. This identifies errors at every scale, including qubit crosstalk, and compensates for them at the software level.

Quiver offers API integration, is hardware-agnostic and currently has Qiskit integration.

Access to the Beta version of Quiver will be available soon. If you are interested in finding out more, drop us a line.