Meet the team

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Tim Evans Chief Executive Officer + Founder

An electrical engineer, applied mathematician and physicist, Tim has always been drawn to work at the cutting edge of tech. Tim brings a non-standard approach to the problems in the industry and has a unique vision for how quantum computing can be realised.

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Tom Smith Chief Science Officer

Tom knows his way round a quantum computer. He is an expert in microscopic models for quantum devices and condensed matter systems. Tom tailors new applications for Quiver to specific quantum computing architectures and ensures Opacity is at the forefront of quantum innovation.

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Phil Evans Chief Technology Officer

A physicist and data scientist, Phil bridges Opacity’s science and tech. Phil leads the development of Quiver and is focused on the product delivery and packaging tools designed specifically for quantum engineers.

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Claire Burnett Chief Operating Officer

Claire has worked in a range of industries and brings her experience in project management to handle business operations and keep a close rein on excessive academic exploration.

We call Sydney home and are stoked to be part of its growing quantum lineup